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Marketing strategies

The MediaBrains BtoB Directory Advertising Network

Connects a community of manufacturers and service providers to industry buyers.
We build and manage all aspects of the directory – from development and marketing to
sales and customer service – allowing you to focus on major media campaigns.

  • Profit from low price point advertising
  • New advertisers
  • An information-rich resource
  • A fresh marketing opportunity for advertisers
  • Traffic to your site
  • Risk-free product expansion
  • Ongoing directory growth and maintenance

“More than a decade ago, MediaBrains added our directories to their network and turned them from cost centers into ongoing revenue sources. They successfully promote the UBM directories to their advertising network, drive traffic to our site and positively impact our bottom line.”

— VP/Group Brand Manager, UBM

The Exhibitor Spotlight

The Exhibitor Spotlight extends publishers another turnkey profit center
that aligns your audience to relevant trade shows and exhibitors.

Network benefits:
  • New revenue
  • New advertisers
  • New promotional platform
  • New technology to engage your audience

“Our recent foray into pre-show marketing utilizing the Exhibitor Spotlight has been a huge success; we are sure to take advantage of this tool again for future shows.”

— Publisher, Plastics News

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