Elevate your brand’s visibility

Display Advertising is a tried-and-true method to make your brand ​stand out from the crowd. Running display ads in a trade buyers’ ​guide allows you to take full advantage of the opportunity to reach ​a highly-focused audience in an ultra-specific market.

Drive conversions by reaching your ​most important audience​.

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Display Ads on MediaBrains Industry Directories generate thousands of additional actions per year and drive customers directly to company websites and landing pages.

That’s the value of multi-touch impressions. When buyers are in consideration mode, they don’t always click away from their research – but a person who sees an ad will often return to the brand, product or ad directly through the company website or in a later search.

Companies that run ​display ads drive 300% more ​engagement​ ​with their profile than ​those with a ​Featured Listing alone.


Increase in Brand Impressions


Increase in Click-Thru


Increase in Leads

Reach buyers with intent​

Display ads permeate every aspect of the funnel with your brand, your logo and your campaign message. When people visit industry directories, they are actively engaged in researching companies, products and solutions. Run-of-site display ads on one of MediaBrains’ industry directories make it possible to make an impression on every page of your target buyer’s purchase cycle.

Why display advertising works-​

Easier to capture attention
Breaks through listing “clutter”
Stronger appeal due to visuals​
Significantly improves brand recognition & recall​
Multi-touch exposure increases leads & conversion

“Better brand recognition from our Truck Parts banner made us stand out – our leads have increased across the board. More inquiries as well as more downloads of our catalog.”

Paul Foster, CEO & Chairman of the Board


Add value to your campaign

“We really decided to put all of our energy and resources into where our customers are, and this is where our customers are.”

John Beck, President/CEO

The Assessment Company®

Companies that run banner ads as part of their overall campaign strategy generate 2.5X more leads per month than companies with only a featured listing.

The Assessment Company® chose to devote most of its advertising resources to MediaBrains’ vendor directory for the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The SHRM Vendor Directory is an extensive, organized list of human-resource industry vendors designed to facilitate buyers’ research and purchase process. Boosting their exposure to the SHRM audience by purchasing display ads led to immediate requests for information and directly resulted in high-quality leads.​

Your customers are here,
Your ads should be here too

Create an engaging display ad with a clear call to action

We optimize your campaign by determining your target market and delivering impressions to the right audience

You access real-time analytics, generate leads and use insights to maximize results

Tips for unlocking impactful display ads

Keep it simple​

Include your logo

Use clear, concise text​

Use high-quality images​

Include an inviting CTA​

Call attention to your value proposition​

Color conveys emotion – choose what you want to portray

Coordinate messaging and design to complement your website, product or landing page​

Display Ad Sizes