Directory Front End


So, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Front End of a Directory and what your listing might look like. Here we are on the Marketing Solutions Directory, but no matter what industry you are in, this general format will be the same. When we look at the front end, the first page is going to house the parent categories on the site, as well as the additional ad spends for product spotlights, featured content, and top company.


Banners are run of site, so we will see them throughout. Here at the top, we see the drop down for “Find a business” There are a few different ways that the directory can be sorted based upon your needs. IF we sort by category, we can see all of the parent and subcategories on the site and narrow down our search to exactly what we are looking for. 


If you click on this category of Lead Generation and Telemarketing, we can immediately see the listings come up for companies who are listed in those categories. Companies with their logo are featured listings and are at the top of the first page of search results. All companies below that are plus listings, and then followed by free listings. 


Below the MediaBrains profile we can see that one of our products “Content Boost” is listed there because this is the category we selected when creating the product. Above we can see Dataman Group is still applicable to this category and have their “About” profile showing since they do not have any specific products in this category.


Sorting by company will give you an alphabetical view of all companies and profile types on the directory. If you sort by product, that will again give you an alphabetical view of all products. And then finally you can search by rating which will show all companies with reviews.


Here under library is where you can go to look at all whitepapers or press releases on the site. 


So now let’s look at a profile and how you can interact with the page. So, when you search by category, there is an option on the side to “Send an Email”. If you wanted the video on the Leads tab in the MAC, then you know that one of the lead types is “Email Company”, and this is where those come from. It allows the customer to click here and send a custom message with more information so you can respond back.


Now let’s go into the actual profile. Here we can see the basic contact info, social media, website, etc. All these elements are tracked so that when a person clicks on your phone number, website, profile, or a category you are in, that is all recorded and available for you to look at in the Visitor Insight Report in the Advertiser Center which is where you log in to your profile.

Below this we have your description, products, and all other content that you choose to upload. If someone were to click on a product to read more, they can read about it, click here to visit the website, or click “Request Information” which also populated a form for them to fill out and is then sent to you with their information for follow-up.


Finally, we will look at the other lead type which is whitepapers. Any content that you upload via whitepapers is an incredible lead generation tool because once I click on it and the whitepaper successfully downloads, that lead information is automatically collected and you can now see who is interacting with your content.


So, this is what your profile could look like on any directory. If you are active with tradeshows, press releases, podcasts, etc. all that information can also be utilized and added on here so that you are staying up to date and showing customers who are actively searching services like yours what you have to offer.