BusinessChatter Review Generation Platform

What is your current method of managing the reputation of your business online? If it includes collecting meaningful customer reviews and seeing where your company stacks up in search results and against competitors, then our ‘BusinessChatter’ Reputation Management tool in your Mediabrains advertiser center will be a key tool to see all of that in one place. 

Once we enter your Mediabrains dashboard, we can go over to the ‘Reputation’ tab. This takes you in to ‘BusinessChatter’ and will prompt you to set it up. If you have never used the tool before, then you will just need to add your logo and click ‘Get Started’. Now we are in the tool.


The first feature that we are going to look at is how to add customers to the system which puts them into a flow for having them leave you a review. There are two ways to add customers. The first is individually adding them by clicking “Add first customer” and entering all of their information. The other way is to bulk add a CSV of customer information. You can either click “Import CSV” or “Bulk add customers” and you will be prompted to add your spreadsheet with the required fields. Once uploading the spreadsheet, you will want to make sure that your field names match. It will then show a preview of the members that you added, so make sure that the information came through as you wanted it to. We then click “Create and upload members” and all of the contacts will now be added to the system. The circle icon next to their name will be gray, indicating that they are not yet started in the flow. 


Once you have all of the customers that you want to send a request to uploaded, they go in to a sequence that will request that they leave a review for your company. {show the workflow}


If you want to make the email more customized to your company and monitor results in your own email templates and sequences, we have provided a URL and QR code that is individual to your company and links to the review page. You can insert this link into a follow-up email, add it to your signature, send it directly to your clients, or place the QR code on flyers or tradeshow handouts.


Now, we can look at the ‘Trust Score’ tab. The trust score is an analysis of your google search results page. This is a tool that we created so that you can see how customers may perceive your company based upon the first page of search results. It will compare results to competitors and give you a breakdown of how the score was calculated and how you can improve.


The trust audit breaks it down by analyzing the knowledge panel, your organic results, and paid search ads. This score will update periodically based upon how much you are checking it. While this tool is not directly tied to our directories or MediaBrains Advertiser Center, it is a great way to see a snapshot of how to better portray your brand and ensure you are doing everything to come off as trustworthy as possible.


The final tab is to integrate your reviews with Zapier. If you have a Zapier account then you can click “Connect” and it will prompt you to log in and set it up.

So that is the Business Chatter Review Generation Platform. If you have any additional questions about how to begin utilizing the tool and generating reviews, feel free to reach out to your Account Executive or MediaBrains team member and we are happy to help.