Your Content Library

Welcome to the content library dashboard. In an effort to make it easier for our advertisers to utilize all types of their content and have it all in one place, we created the content library. Previously, we were limited to only whitepapers and press releases as types of acceptable content, but now we have the ability to add eBooks, Case Studies, and Testimonials to the mix of available content types.


In this video I am going to walk you through the content library and show you how to add your piece of content so that it can be visible to active buyers in your intended market.


The first thing that we need to do is access the content library. This is done by logging in to your dashboard and selecting “Content” from the “Company” dropdown. 


The dashboard of your content library is going to show all pieces of content that you currently have uploaded. It is also going to give a look at the leads that you received, when it was posted, and give you the option to edit or archive that specific piece of content.


If you are currently in an Optimized listing package, archiving will allow to you to place pieces of content aside so that you can stay within your allotted 5 pieces of content that are visible on your profile. You can also unarchive content at any time and curate which pieces you would like to be visible to customers. If you are in a Featured Listing, then there is no limit on your content uploads.


If you are listing in multiple directories, you can select a specific one you want to look at from the drop down at the top and that will show you what content you have listing in each specific directory. 


So now lets look at adding a piece of content. First, we will click the “Add New Content” at the top of the dashboard. This will take us to a new screen where you can add all of the information about your piece of content. Start off by selecting the type of content that you are uploading. You can make a selection of a Whitepaper, eBook, Testimonial, or Case study. All other blog posts, press releases, podcasts or other types of content that do not fit into these categories can be added in other ways. There is a video here in the knowledgebase on how to add a press release, but if you are not sure, reach out to your Account Executive and they will be able to help. So once you have decided the type of content that you are uploading, you can select the file or drag and drop it into the dashboard. All files must be in a PDF format to be added.

Now you can add a title, a content description, a preview image and categories to complete your upload. 

On the right side panel is where you can add a preview image of your content. This is not required, but there will just be a placeholder image or the first page of your document put in its place if one is not provided.

Below that is where you can select categories for the content. If you are listed in more than one directory then you can select categories for each one. 

Once you have everything filled in, select “Save Content” and it will now be added to your content library. You can go in and edit it at any time, view the leads, download the content, or archive it for future use.


All content that you upload does go through an approval process on the back-end, but you can expect to see the content live on your page within 24 hours.


Now we will take a look on the front end to see what the content looks like. Scroll down from your main profile page and you will see all of your content together.

When a potential customer clicks on the piece of content, it will automatically download and you will be sent that lead information, and it will also show up on that piece of content in your content library. 


If you have any other questions about adding other types of content or modifying your profile, check out our other videos here in the knowledgebase for more information.